Trainee SAP Controller At MAS Active

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Post :- Trainee SAP Controller
Company Name :- MAS Active
Posting Date :- 31-05-2014
Closing date:- 05-06-2014

Job Details
You will be responsible to facilitate effective use of the SAP system in the allocated plant/ business division, whilst monitoring and guiding SAP users in order to ensure adherence to guidelines and thereby support in achieving departmental objectives.
Your responsibilities Include:
Perform activities such as the following in order to facilitate effective use of the SAP system.
– Study the operational processes at assigned plant/ business unit in order to ensure it is aligned with the process in the SAP system.
– Serve as a point of contact between the SAP core team and SAP power user, in order to communicate new requirements and assist in solving day to day issues.
– Compile/ run and analyze SAP reports whilst identifying loop holes and suggest recommendations to further improve the SAP system
– Participate in stock counts in order to facilitate accurate and independent judgment, whilst assisting in reconciling reports
– Communicate relevant information amongst SAP Controllers

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Ensure that the following activities are carried out in order to facilitate the development/ adherence and measurement of KIPs:
– Monitor KPIs and follow up in order to ensure guidelines are adhered to and KPIs are achieved
– Conduct training and awareness programs for new SAP users, in order to ensure required knowledge is available to carry out duties
– Identify loopholes/ shortcomings in the SAP system and the operational process whilst developing KPI’s and setting up controls in order to monitor same and improve the system
– Consult/ work closely with business teams/ plants in order to solve day to day issues
– Compile reports with regards to KPI’s and rectify issues
Take responsibility in the following areas in order to support in achieving departmental objectives:
– Review monthly write offs such as WIP a FG Write off for plants, RM write off for business teams
– Ensure that costing are released for business teams in a timely manner and changing standard prices for business teams
– Perform additional duties commensurate with the current role, as and when requested by management.
Qualifications and Experience:
– Degree/ Diploma in Finance/IT, with a basic knowledge of the SAP system or any other CIAAA (Full or Part qualified)
– 2-3 Years of relevant work experience Communication skills Proficiency in MS Excel Analytical skills

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