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Post :- Police Constable
Company Name :- Sri Lanka Police Department
Posting Date :- 09-06-14
Closing Date :- 15-08-14
Salary and other Benefits :-
Rs. 171,360 – 7 x 1,740 – 10 x 2,160 – 17×2,880 – Rs. 254,100.
Further, these officers are entitled to cost of living allowance paid to other public officers and the allowance granted in accordance with the Public Administration Circular No. 31/11 dated 12.12.2011.
– Arduous duty allowances 2,000 0
– Combined allowances :
– For performing of duties in 10,500 0
North and East areas
– For performance of duties in other areas 8,400 0
– Free transport facilities.
– Free medical facilities to officers (Financial assistance can be obtained for medical treatment even in a foreign country.).
– All uniforms will be provided free of charge.
– Facilities to imporve their skills and talents in sports.
– Travelling expenses for duty and money will be granted
as rewards for outstanding and arduous duties.

Job Details
Basic Qualifications :
– Age Limits.– The age should be 19 and 32 years as at closing date as per the Gazette Notification.
– Educational qualifications : Should have passed in 06 subjects in the G. C. E. (O/L) Examination. Not more than 2 sittings.

Note 01.– According to the classification of subjects by the Department of Examinations, in determining the number of subjects passed at G. C. E. (O/L) both passes in science subjects number 41 and 44 will be treated as one subject and both passes in Mathematics number 42 and 45 will be treated as one subject.

Note 02.– Failure in the Technical subjects at written test of G. C. E. (O/L) Examination will be considered as failure in the same subject although a pass has been obtained for the same subject in the Practical Test.

Note 03.– Since optional subjects of Tamil, English and Sinhala have not been included in the stream of G. C. E. (O/L) syllabus, passes in any of these subjects will not be computed as a pass in the G. C. E. (O/L) Examination.

Physical Requirements :
– Height 05 feet 03 inches (minimum).
– Chest 30 inches (minimum/in exhalation).
Note.– Applicants who are slightly short of the physical requirements, but fulfill the other stipulated qualifications will be eligible at the discretion of Inspector General of Police provided they have skills in sports or have achieved best performance in sports at national level or they have earned reputation for Sri Lanka by participating in an international competition.

– If any applicant has deformity or any other physical disability which impedes movement of physical limb required for competence in driving will be disqualified, although he has obtained a medical certificate to the effect that he is fit for service.
– The applicants who have basic qualifications will be tested for their ability for driving and maintaining vehicles. Their knowledge of road rules, traffic signals and basic knowledge of mechanical theories of the vehicle in which the applicant has achieved competence in driving will also be tested.

Method of Recruitment.–
Selected applicants will have to pass in the Basic Qualification Test conducted by the Department of Police. Only those who have passed this test can participate in the Physical fitness tests or Endurance test and should pass that test.
1,000 meters – 03 minutes 44 seconds
Only those who are successful in the test will be summoned for final interview. Only those who score 40% or more will be summoned for the professional test.

Professional Qualifications :
– Professional Test will be conducted by the Assistant Director of Police Driving School under the supervision of the Director, Sri Lanka Police College.
– 100 marks have been allocated for the professional test. The test will be conducted as follows :
– Competence in driving vehicles – 50 marks
– Road rules manual – 25 marks
– Knowledge on maintenance of vehicles and ability to attend to minor repairs – 25 marks.
– Professional Test.– Applicants who obtain a minimum of 25 out of the maximum marks of 50 allocated to the eligibility of driving vehicle, a minimum of 12.5 out of the maximum marks of 25 allocated to the knowledge on the road rules manual, a minimum of 12.5 out of the maximum marks of 25 allocated to the maintenance and attending to minor repairs, thus obtaining a total of 50 out of total marks of 100 allocated will be considered as having passed the professional test. Only the candidates who pass the professional test will be invited for the medical test.
Medical Test.–
Applicant must be passed in the medical test before obtain his appointment. Medical test is an only one part of the course of action, with regard to the recruitment process. Selection will be made among the applicants who have passed in the medical test, considering the number of existing vacancies and the position in the list pertaining to the merit and skill. Those who have failed in the medicla test will be rejected.
Background Inquiries :
– Inquiries will be made on the conduct of the applicant, close relations and friends. Applicants with bad conduct will not be recruited ;
– Providing false information will make the applicant ineligible. If the false information is elicited after the appointment, the applicants will be dismissed from the service.
Implementation of Official Language Policy :
– As per the Public Administration Circular No. 07/2007 dated 28.04.2007 issued by the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs, all officers recruited to the Public/Provincial Public Service with effect from 01.07.2007 should acquire proficiency in the other official language within a period of 05 years in addition to the official language through which they enter the service.
– Officers recruited below the rank of an Assistant Superintendent of Police from 01.07.2007 should pass the language test of secondary level conducted by the Official Language Department.
– The salary increments of the officers who do not acquire the specified proficiency in the second official language within a period of 05 years from the date of their appointments will be deferred until they obtain qualifications.
Conditions of Service :
– This appointment is subject to a three years recruit period ;
– The selected applicants will be required to comply with any regulation already made or made hereinafter to give effect to the official language policy ;
(c) They will be subjected to the relevant provisions of the Establishment Code Volume I and II, Financial Regulations, Departmental Orders, Police Disciplinary Code and any other orders that may be issued by the Inspector General of Police or by the Government from time to time ;
(d) Prior to their confirmation, every officer will be required to pass the prescribed Departmental Examinations. Those who fail to pass the prescribed examinations or are found to be unfit for Police duties will be liable for removal from the Police Services ;
(e) Permission will not be granted to marry for unmarried prior to being confirmed in the said rank without the permission of the I. G. Police. However in terms of P. G. II No. 41 dated 28.02.1973 and I. G’s Circular No. 1952/ 2006 of 19.10.2006 and circular (amended) dated 09.08.2007, it is possible to marry showing special reasons and with the permission of I. G. Police ;
(f) Applicants on being appointed and after the training should serve a recruit period of three years in the Police Department and if they wish to resign from service before their recruit period is over, they should sign an agreement of consent to the effect that they are willing to pay at the time of tendering their resignation, any amount which was incurred on the training and uniforms etc., together
with any other prescribed payments. Director of Police Training College will decide it having calculated dues from the applicants. The acceptance of resignation should conform to the Section 4, Chapter V of Volume I of the

Applicants must fill the required particulars in their own hand writing on paper 11″ x 8″ in size and post them together with the copies of certificates called for to the address given in paragraph two (2) and under nob circumstances should applications be handed over personally to any officer in the Department.
Applications which do not conform to the requirements stipulated in this notification will be rejected and such applicantsb will not be notified.
Note.– No travelling or other expenses will be paid to applicants who are summoned for the test and interview

The application should be sent by registered post to the above-mentioned address to reach on or before 15.08.2014 and the post applied for should be marked on the top left hand corner of the envelope enclosing the application. Delayed applications will be rejected and no applications will be issued by Sri Lanka Police Department.
Apply Post :-
Recruiting Office,
No. 375, Sambuddathwa Jayanthi Mawatha,
Colombo 06.

More Detail Visit here :- http://documents.gov.lk/gazette/2014/PDF/Jun/06Jun2014/I-IIA(E)2014.06.06.pdf or Futurelankan

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