How to fill the Online job Application forms

How to fill the Online job Application forms

Most of the information for printed application forms is also relevant to online applications. Additionally:

  • Do save your work electronically as you work through it – it can be helpful to come back later and look at it again with ‘fresh eyes’.
  • Do not be tempted to complete the online form without first writing a draft.
  • Do not be too informal or treat it as you would email.
  • Do not exceed any word counts specified within the form.
  • Do not use a silly email address to send it from.
  • Do not use ‘text speak’.


If you have been invited to attend an interview, you have obviously made an impressive application. The interview gives you the chance to prove that you are as suitable for the job in real life as you appear on paper. It also gives an employer the opportunity to see what you are like as a person and to assess whether you will fit in with other employees. The time you spend during an interview is valuable for you to

make a decision if the job and company are right for you. However, an interview is a two-way process and allows the employer to ‘sell’ their company to you. After all, they want to make a good impression too.

Interviews can take various forms and will be based on the information you supplied on your application form. Examples of different interviews are:

  • a question and answer session with one interviewer
  • a panel interview with several people asking questions
  • interviews that require you to give a short talk or presentation
  • a combination of the above – presentation and questions.

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