How to find the Suitable jobs

suitable jobs

How to choice suitable job? Or How to know the Job suitable job for you?

The first step is to get to know yourself. Stand back and take a look at your achievements, your interests and abilities before making any decisions about your future.

  • When have you used these skills in specific situations and how did you apply them?
  • Are there skills that you don’t have but need for the type of job you want to do?
  •  Think of ways to acquire the skills you need

Ways of finding a job suitable job?

Speculative letters

A speculative letter goes directly to a company to enquire about potential jobs to match your skills. Some estimates say more than 50% of vacancies are never advertised, so it is always worth contacting an employer to find out what job opportunities are available. It is therefore a good idea to send speculative letters to companies which interest you. You might have just the qualifications and skills needed to fill a vacancy. Even if there is nothing available at the time, employers may use speculative enquiries to fill posts instead of advertising jobs. Make your speculative letter as specific to the company as possible. Match what you can offer with the work of the company and highlight your strengths, qualifications and experience.

Remember to send your CV with your letter. The letter needs to outline the main reasons why you are interested in working for the company or organization. Researching the company using their website will help you find information which you can use in your letter, as well as the correct name and contact details of the HR or Recruitment Manager. Remember to check the spelling as mis-spelled names give a poor impression.

The internet

The internet is probably the most popular method used for researching and applying for jobs. If you are interested in working

for a specific company, have a look on their website. They will usually have a section on current job vacancies and their

recruitment process.


Recruitment advertising

Many job vacancies are advertised in local or national newspapers, such as The Times. Different newspapers will Advertise specific areas of work on particular days, e.g. science or public sector work, so check which day they advertise for the field you are interested in. Some specialist and professional publications are devoted totally to job vacancies in specific areas of work such as computing, pharmacy or education with vacancies from major employers (for example, The Grocer). These are available either to buy from newsagents or to research at your local reference libraries. Even if you are not qualified for some of these areas at the moment, it gives you an idea what qualifications/skills you will need for the future.

Recruitment agencies

These are increasingly used by companies to save themselves time on finding suitable staff. The agency will carry out preliminary interviews with you to assess how well you match particular jobs and put you forward for interviews with the company. Recruitment agencies may concentrate on specific areas of work such as media, IT, catering or accountancy. They often have branches on the high street as well as websites so you can search and apply in different ways.


Ask your friends and family about any job vacancies coming up where they work, maybe as a result of new posts being created or people leaving. You could put an advert in your local paper, listing the type of jobs you are looking for, your skills and interests.

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