Sales officer At Lion Brewery

Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC

Post :- Sales officer – North / East
Company Name:- Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC
Posting Date :- 10-09-15
Closing Date :- 22-09-2015

Job Details
Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC, a Carsons Cumberbatch Company, is an award winning Sri Lankan brewer & the dominant market leader in its chosen business. This is as a result of its superb portfolio of key strategic power brands including international brand Corona and Carlsberg, well managed channels and sales operation with high customer satisfaction and a state of the art production process all of which are brought together into a single, aggressive, coherent force by a team of focused professionals nurtured by an award winning HR system.
In order to cope with its expanding business interests the Company agent seeks those who are exceptional talents; people who thrive on challenge, see ambition as a virtue, demand the right to challenge the status quo &t constantly seek solutions that are out of the ordinary.
If you are confident of meeting high standards and believe that you can stamp your personality in a dynamic distribution point, the following position may be of interest to you:
– He/ She should be able to ensure smooth running of the channel sales operation according to plan through implementation of agreed strategies and day to day monitoring of sales.
– Not only that but also He/ She should be able to execute marketing activities while looking at the debtor management.
– The ideal candidate, falling within the age category of 25 – 35,
– should possess a minimum of 2-3 years related work experience in a FMCG sales field.
– A valid driving license is also required.
Interested applicants are invited to forward their CVs within the next ten days to:

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Territory Manager.
Lakwin Distributors,
Janahitha Rice mills,

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