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Sri Lanka, long associated with the international gem and jewellery trade, has been known as the cradle of treasures for its precious, natural gemstones. Both the artisan culture of jewellery craftsmanship and Sri Lanka’s gem industry has been widely acclaimed in literary works dating as far back as 250 B.C.

Sri Lanka’s long history and culture in gem mining and faceting have long given life to an artisan culture, which still sustains the skills required to maintain a winning industry. Sri Lanka only exports cut and polished gems, and most of the gem exports are precision-cut sapphires with diameters as small as 0.3 mm to leading jewelers and Swiss watchmakers across the world including Rolex, Montblanc, Tiffany, and Cartier.

Sri Lanka has been celebrated for the brightest and the most valuable gemstones in the world and was suspected to be the locality of mythical ‘Tarshish’, the port city, which supplied King Solomon with gems, silver, pearls and ivory.

Even today, Sri Lanka’s precious colored gemstones including Ceylon Sapphires, rubies, cats’ eyes and alexandrite are much sought after by the international jewelry makers.

While Sri Lanka is still the unchallenged Blue Sapphire capital in the world, and arguably since no other countries have produced sapphires to match the size, quantity, and quality for as a long time as Sri Lanka, the craftsmanship of the country’s master gem cutters too have contributed to swelling the country’s good name as one of the leading destinations for precious colored stones.

A signatory of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, a global process established to prevent the trading of conflict diamond or blood diamond, Sri Lanka is also a competitive diamond faceting and trading hub. With over 16 diamond manufacturers, Sri Lanka is the world’s largest manufacture of the tapered baguette diamonds and specializes in styling small diamonds of exceptional quality, which are imported sawn or cleaved rough.

Sri Lankan gem and jewellery industry is now geared to establish a world-class gem and jewellery hub. The entire industry employs approximately 600,000 persons including miners, cutters and polishers, dealers, jewellery designers, manufacturers and craftsmen, marketers and sales people.

over 70 varieties of coloured stones out of 200 found in the world and is among the five most important gem-bearing nations of the world. Notably, Sri Lanka’s major strength is the “Ceylon Sapphire”. While Sri Lankan jewellery manufacturers demonstrate remarkable craftsmanship, Sri Lankan gem suppliers offer a wide range of Ceylon gems to the global gem market representing the country’s breathtaking natural heritage.

Ceylon Gems

most important source of high quality sapphires, the Island has built her reputation as one of the finest gem cutting and finishing centres in the world, offering gem stones that meet the highest international standards

Sri Lanka is blessed with over 70 varieties of coloured stones out of the 200 found in the world and is among the five most important gem-bearing nations. The country’s breath-taking natural heritage comprises of varieties of gem minerals, which includes Blue, Pink, Yellow and Golden Sapphires, Rubies, Padmaradchas, Star Sapphires, Star Rubies, Alexandrite, Cat’s F, Spinel, Aquamarines, Topaz, Zircons, Garnets, Tourmalines, Moonstones, Quartz and a large number of rare gemstones. Sri Lanka is the world’s choice for calibrated and fancy cut gemstones, high value single stones and quality service cutting.

Major Export Markets for Sri Lankan Gems
·         Hong-Kong ·         UAE
·         USA ·         France
·         Switzerland ·         India
·         Thailand ·         Germany


ü  Blue, pink, yellow and golden sapphires ü  Aquamarines
ü  Rubies ü  Topaz
ü  Padmaradchas ü  Zircons
ü  Star sapphires ü  Garnets
ü  Star rubies ü  Tourmalines
ü  Alexandrites ü  Moonstones
ü  Cat’s eyes ü  Quartz
ü  Spinels


Gemstones Found in Sri Lanka

Gemstones Found in Sri Lanka
ü  Alexandrite ü  Pathparaja Sapphire
ü  Alexandrite Cat’s Eye ü  Pink Sapphire
ü   Almandine Garnet ü  Pyrope Garnet
ü  Amethyst ü   Rhodolite Garnet
ü  Aquamarine ü  Ruby
ü  Beryl ü  Spessartite Garnet
ü  Blue Sapphire ü  Spinel
ü  Chrysoberyl ü  Star Ruby
ü  Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye ü  Star Sapphire
ü  Citrene ü  Tourmaline
ü  Hessonite Garnet ü  Yellow Sapphire
ü  Moonstone ü  Topaz
ü  Orange Sapphire ü  Zircon

Corundum  Yellow Saphire, Golden Saphire,Padparadscha,White Saphire,Blue Saphire,  Ruby,Star Saphire, Star Ruby
Beryl Aquamarine,White Beryl,Pale Green Beryl
Chrysoberyl  Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Alexandrite, Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl
Spinel Blue Spinel,Red Spinel,Mauve Spinel
Zircon Green Zircon, Yellow Zircon,Brown Zircon, Red & Blue Zircon
Garnet Rose Red Colored,Red Mauve,Hessonite Garnet,Spessartite Garnet,Tourmaline,Green,Brown Varieties
Quartz Yellow,Brown,Rose,White,Purple(Amethyst),Feldspar,Moonstone

Not so common Varieties
Sinhalite Cordierite
Kornerupine Diopside
Andalucite Enstatite
Apatite Taaffeite

Rare Gem Stones
Axinite Sphene
Damburite Ekanite
Euclase Fluoriet
Kyanite Phenakite
Sapphrine Cassiterite
Dumoritrite Epidote
Fibrolite Idocrase
Monazite Rutile

Diamond Cutting and Polishing

Sri Lanka now produces beautiful and contemporary polished diamonds that are recognised internationally. The diamond cutting & polishing industry in Sri Lanka is highly organised and the diamond cutter companies have factories that are equipped with modern equipment.

Sri Lanka has earned a reputation for its high-quality cutting and polishing Diamonds, while country’s specialty is small diamonds of exceptional high- quality, which are imported sawn or cleaved rough.

The industry in Sri Lanka is highly organised and the factories are equipped with modern equipment.

Sri Lanka is a member of the International Diamond Agreement, Manufacturing Association and a signatory to the Kimberly Process.

Sri Lanka is a member of the international diamond community, having joined the International Diamond Manufacturers Association.

Major Export Markets for Diamonds
ü  Belgium ü  Switzerland
ü  Israel ü  China
ü  Thailand ü  Hong Kong
ü  United Arab Emirates ü  India



Sri Lanka’s jewellery manufacturers & suppliers meet the highest international standards; jewellery origin is independently verified and gemstones are authenticated by a government authority.

Tourists to Sri Lanka have a wide choice of exquisite gem studded jewellery, be it in the capital city of Colombo, the southern town of Galle or Kandy in the hill country and the `City of Gems’ itself – Ratnapura. Whether a shopaholic visitor, discerning buyer or a Royal Prince – beauty, intrigue, and brilliance are only a stone’s throw-away.


Major Export Markets for Sri Lankan Jewellery
·         Switzerland ·         Germany
·         United States ·         UAE
·         Hong Kong ·         Japan


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