Sri Lankan Giftware & Toys

Sri Lanka’s inherent craftsmanship, cultural diversity and rich natural resources provide the base for a wide range of giftware products that satisfy quality-conscious and astute buyers.

The diversified raw material base for giftware and toys includes stone, clay, textile, wood, rush and reed, recycled paper, leather, metal and recently elephant dung, born of Sri Lankan entrepreneurship.

Water hyacinth, banana fibre, tea refuse, paddy husk and wild grass are examples of a few eco-friendly materials used to conserve the environment in manufacturing recycled paper for the gift industry.

Widely exported toys include plush toys, rag dolls & animals, puzzles, mobiles, educational toys, pull along toys, skittles and children’s furniture. Inventors and creative professional designers study best practices and trends seen in the manufacture of childrens’ toys, ensuring that the products have great educational value and are able to combine learning with play.

All products conform to international Safety and Quality Standards such as EN 71, ASTM and CE. Sri Lanka is a signatory to all UN and ILO conventions and pays particular regard to the non-use of child or forced labour.

Categories of Sri Lankan Giftware

The range of products includes:

  • Soft and wooden toys
  • Arts and crafts
  • Household accessories
  • Fashion accessories
  • Home Decoration
  • Home textiles
  • Utility items, etc
Wood-Based Products

A wide range of exclusive wooden craft items produced in Sri Lanka include: furniture, gift boxes, educational items for Montessori school children, household items, wall hangers, fancy jewellery, figurines,sculpture,lacquer products, ornamental products and seasonal decorations.

Soft & Wooden Toys

Widely exported toys include push toys, rug toys, animals, puzzles, mobiles, educational toys, skittles, and children’s furniture. These are subject to stringent quality checks throughout the production process.

Soft Toys

Soft toys are produced using modern machinery and industrial production techniques. The factories that put together these lovely toys are fully equipped with the necessary technology and adhere to international safety standards. Soft toys are subject to stringent quality checks from cutting to finishing-stage.

Wooden Toys

The wooden toy industry in Sri Lanka is an established industry with over 50 exporters. Mainly boron treated rubber wood is used in the manufacture of wooden toys.

Sri Lankan crafts-persons have inherited a natural talent for excellent painting and carvings skills, Sri Lanka is able to create colorfully designed toys and produce exquisite and intricate workmanship which has been a plus point to the toy industry.

Export Performance


Value (US Dollars Million)

2012 55.5
2013 62.5
2014 68.4
2015 65.78
2016 65.58



Major Market


Value (US Dollars Million)

Germany 15.81
USA 15.12
Austria 8.91
UK 5.75
France 2.65
India 2.33
Spain 1.7
South Korea 1.61
Norway 1.37
Australia 1.36

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