Start a Yoga Business

Yoga is getting ever more popular, which means yoga instructors are more in demand than ever. Pursue emotional and physical balance with others, during your free time while helping your bank balance, too.

Yoga is an ancient Hindu philosophical practice that combines body movement and fixed postures with meditation, spiritual, and holistic exercises. In recent years, many enlightenment seekers have jumped on the yoga bandwagon, lured in by donation-only sessions, and inexpensive one-off classes.

Yoga class fees vary greatly by area, and are often made more competitive in urban locales due to free and donation-only classes and an excess of existing studios and private instructors.

Steps for the Yoga or Meditation Business

Yoga Certification

Your first step should to obtain certification as an instructor from a Yoga Alliance affiliated institution. Yoga Alliance is the organization that presides over the national standards when it comes to yoga and, although it is not mandatory that a teacher or a school be certified, it is the industry standard.

Build a Clientele

Before you start your own business, brick and mortar or not, it’s best to work for an established yoga outlet. This will allow you to gain more experience in the craft, and also to build a loyal following of your own out of the pool of existing students.

Choose a Location

Ventures centered around other systems can be gotten off the ground much more easily. The costs of a yoga start-up are mainly dependent on the rental rates in your area, or the price of real estate if you wish to buy a studio.

Start small, in a little room, a little reception desk, and that may be as big as you ever get


Branding and Marketing

Yoga’s popularity has caused some instructors to fear that their pool of potential clients is becoming diluted as more and more schools and programs enter the scene. How can you set your yoga business apart from other competitors in the market? Take your practice out of the studio and integrate it with a cool activity.

Very popular and trendy with the younger crowd are things like yoga and surfing. That’s one that I’ve seen a lot and I think it’s fairly popular,

Before going into the business of enlightenment, make sure that you have all of your bases covered and that you’ve done a thorough vetting of your environment.

If you’re in a major city you may have more leeway with the types of classes that you offer. However, if you’re in a suburban or rural area, you may need to cater to a more targeted demographic such as stay-at-home moms during school hours.

If you know Yoga you can do those:

  • Teach private yoga lessons
  • Online yoga lessons
  • Create a signature workshop
  • Create a class series.
  • Teach at a local school or university
  • Manage a yoga studio or fitness center.
  • Become a health or wellness director
  • Become a yoga advisor for yoga studios.
  • Become a tech goddess for yoga studios.
  • Create a podcast or downloadable MP3 yoga classes.
  • Start a yoga blog.
  • Write for local newspapers or magazines.
  • Host team building events or retreats.

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