Solar Energy Consultant

There is an ever-increasing demand for alternative energy consultants as the world becomes more efficient and environmentally conscious.

Solar is one of the hottest businesses around and with the growth in alternative energy, this permanent trend is going to continue. Alternative energy sources are on the minds of everyone today and this trend is going to continue. Oil prices are going to continue to go higher and saving the environment is being tackled by lawmakers and entrepreneurs alike.

This can range from full-fledged general solar installations that generate electricity to simple solar walkway lighting. You might want to start by working in a solar products company to become knowledgeable in the solar energy field. However, to be a consultant, it is often best not to be affiliated with any one company or product and be able to recommend products and options across the field of solar energy.

Businesses like alternative energy, which provides both public relations and financial incentives. Used as a supplement to clean coal or nuclear power, alternative energy reduces company expenses, and going green is attractive to their target markets.

It would be quite difficult to actually start a solar consulting firm out of your own home because this kind of service is not in serious demand right now. Whenever you are thinking of new money making ideas that you are going to build in your own home, it’s important to make sure that you are starting with something that is relatively easy.

Advice for a solar energy consultant

  • Select a niche market within the alternative power industry such as wind, solar or hydro power. You could also specialize in servicing businesses, residences or landowners wanting to provide alternative power to others for profit.
  • Take the time to write a business plan that includes a pro forma, operations plan, marketing plan, and identification of your target market as well as your competition. Develop benchmarks to work toward as well as business challenges you may face and methods to overcome them.
  • Choose a specific town or region in which to begin your business. Start with a place where you have connections and are familiar with the political, social and geographic make-up.
  • Become a member of alternative energy organizations. Network with others in your industry and stay abreast of recent legislation and technological advances that could affect you and your customers. Market your services at conferences and trade shows.
  • Identify potential customers. For example, if you consult landowners in the installation of wind turbines, study wind maps of your area of focus and contact individuals who would most benefit from the turbines. Or if you consult businesses, identify those that use a lot of energy in their manufacturing processes and that service a large customer base.

Other Business Opportunities in a Solar Energy

Solar Panel Cleaning

clean solar panels produce more electricity than dirty panels and many customers would prefer to hire somebody to keep their solar panels clean rather than clean them themselves, especially if the panels are located on their roofs.

 Financing Consultant

Solar installations are expensive, and there are a lot of different government programs out there.   Also – some banks will lend money for solar installations so why not provide your services to help clients find the money they need to build their projects.

Solar Repairs

Solar systems last a long time but some maintenance is required from time to time, especially on older systems that might need to be upgraded with new inverts, wiring replaced, storm damage repairs,

Start a School

how to install solar panels or solar heaters teach others, there is a big demand for skilled workers – and you can provide training

Energy Auditor

Another service that is growing in demand is to conduct energy audits and make recommendations how people can reduce their electrical consumption.

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