Water Refilling Station Business

If you live in a small town where people find it difficult to access clean and portable water, then you should consider opening a water refill station. The water refill business would surely help you solve the challenges people who don’t have access to clean and drinkable water go through and you will be hugely rewarded for it. it is less expensive to start and maintain.

How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business


You conduct a general research about the business. Before venturing into a water refill station business, you are expected to carry out thorough feasibility studies so you are able to know how much to invest and when you are expected to start making profits. Research helps you know those that might need your water and how you can access them, as well as the equipment you would need. It would also help you prepare a water refill station business plan. Also, learning how to maintain it and how to get them at a cheaper rate is as important as other information you garner.


The location you choose to construct your water refill station goes a long way to determine whether the business would grow and become profitable or not. You are expected to position your water refill station in a place where you can get good and clean water, the bottom line is that you are expected to choose a location that is close to a major road so that you might easily get government approval.


You would be required to obtain a license before you are permitted to drill a bore hole for your water refill station. Your choice of location would be supervised and screened before you can be issued the permission to go ahead and install your water refill station.

Drilling bore hole

If you have been given permission to go ahead to establish your water refill station in your chosen location, the next thing to do is to engage a bore hole drilling company to help you drill your bore hole. To save cost of drilling, contact various borehole drillers and compare costs. This might help you to get a good deal to lower costs to the barest minimum as you start out.


Getting the right equipment as you set out in business would put you at a very advantageous position. You would need the following for your Water Refill Station; Tankers or Delivery Trucks, Storage Tanks, Gallons, Funnels with Filters, Granular Activated Carbon, Magnetic Flow Meter, Pressure Tank With Pump, Automatic Wash With Stainless Steel Jackets, Water Purifier, Chlorine and other required approved chemicals for water purification and preservation.

Health and Safety Precautions

The Public Health Department ensures that all Water Refill Stations meet certain health and safety standards. It’s important to note that if the water in a community is contaminated; it can result to epidemic in that community.

A water refill station must enforce strict hygiene standards and the environment must be clean at all times if they want to continue to be in business


The reason why you would need to market your water refill station is to let people know the uniqueness of your water refill station and to create general awareness.

It is advisable you visit companies that are into cleaning services and laundry services to inform them that you are new in town; because they are always in need of water and you might become a repeat water supplier. Schools, public facilities, homes and even companies are other sources where your water might be needed. This is especially when their existing water supply system fails or is under repairs and general maintenance.

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